Boutique Le Chocolat

Chocolate is mercurial in its attraction. It is both a luxury item and a canvas for the creative. Rich, dark, milk or white, it has a universal appeal which is both commonplace and shrouded in mystery. The culinary world has spent hundreds of years mastering and perfecting the art of this exceptional element.
Boutique Le Chocolat celebrates chocolate in all its glory, offering a truly unique platform for this most decedent of ingredients.
It is every chocolate lover’s dream and offers the opportunity to learn and immerse oneself fully in the chocolate-making process.
Furthermore, Boutique Le Chocolat has built relationships with the chocolatiers that you see within the store today thanks to collaborations with decorated chocolate luminaries such as Salon du Chocolat & Cacao Barry.

Find Us

Boutique Le Chocolat is located in the heart of Dubai at CITY WALK, Jumeirah.