Our Chocolatiers


Sadaharu Aoki, founder of Aoki, began his career at patisserie Chandon, in Tokyo before working for Jean Millets and Couderc’s restaurants in Paris and Girardet’s in Switzerland in 1991. He opened his first store in Paris by 1998.

Benoit Nihant

A trained engineer with a passion for gourmet foods, Benoît Nihant’s metamorphosis into a chocolate guru started in 2007 in an old garage converted into a workshop behind his parents’ house. His creations soon became the demands of luxury grocers and gourmet restaurants.


The house of Bernachon is the chocolatier prestige of the city of Lyon. The founder Jean Jacques Bernachon hand worked in Amsterdam for six months at Bensdorp then, in 1968, joined the brigade of Paul Bocuse.


One of Paris’s oldest sweets shops, Maison Boissier was founded by Bélissaire Boissier in 1827 on boulevard des Capucines before being
located on avenue Victor Hugo. Its reputation for fine confections has endured for nearly two centuries.
In 2000, Maison Boissier was taken over by the founders of the Salon du Chocolat.


Patrice Chapon began his career at Buckingham Palace making ice cream and other sweet treats for the Royal family. After his return to Paris, he began making single origin chocolate and producing a wide range of 'bon bons' - initially from the cellar of his house.


Founded in 2004 by Sébastien Jeanneret and based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, deLafée is famous for its delicious chocolates adorned with edible gold.

Du Rhone

In 1875, Mr. Pertuiset inaugurated his chocolaterie at 2, rue du Rhône. A man of taste, he quickly forged a reputation for his establishment and soon the upper echelons of the belle époque were flocking to his door.
In 1933, the flourishing chocolaterie passed into the hands of new experienced owners.

Fabrice Gillotte

Fabrice opened his store in the city of Dijon in 1985, with the assistance of his wife, Catherine. By 1991 he had been awarded as the “Best French Chocolate & Confectionary Artisan”.


During the California Gold Rush, Frenchman Etienne Guittard was discovered in San Francisco for the delicious chocolate he brought from his uncle's factory in France. Already skilled as a chocolate maker, Etienne established the Guittard Chocolate
Factory in San Francisco in 1868 that lives on till today.

Henri Le Roux

Henri Le Roux was plunged into delicacy thanks to his famous pastry cook father Louis Le Roux. After 3 years of apprenticeship training in his parents’ pastry shop, Henri Le Roux went to Switzerland to learn the chocolatier trade at the reputed COBA.
Henri Le Roux came back in 1965 at Pont-l’Abbé to take back the family shop. In 1977, he resells the business to create his own chocolate factory in Quiberon.

Hugo & Victor

Hugues Pouget, the founder of Hugo & Victor, started his career at the Carlton in 1995. He worked at Ladurée and finally joined Le Bristol Hotel in Paris in 1997. In 2002, he was appointed Executive Pastry Chef for Guy Savoy. Shortly after, the latter was awarded his third star by the Micheline Guide.

Peter Beier

Peter Beier is a recognized and honored chocolatier, educated in England, France, Belgium and Spain.
In 1996, he decided to create his own production of chocolates of the highest quality and founded the company Peter Beier Chocolate.


In 1983, a young woman dared to follow her dreams and share her love for real chocolate with others. Chantal
managed to set up the first Rococo Chocolates shop in Chelsea where it continues to trade from till today.
More than three decades, four shops and five books later (all about the joys of luxury chocolate of course) Chantal is still pioneering the movement for real chocolate.

Vincent Guerlais

In 1997, Vincent Guerlais launched his first shop in Nantes before becoming a member of the prestigious association "Relais Desserts International" in 2007 which brings together more than 80 pastry chefs from around the world.


Founded by Jean-Philippe Khodara in 1999 in Aix-en-Provence, South of France, ZChocolat started by searching out a master artisan chocolatier to create an exclusive line of gourmet chocolates.

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